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Remember reciting your first nursery rhyme without music to accompany it?

Imagine your favorite movie without the background music.

Imagine an event without the house music.

Imagine not listening to your favorite song because there was no such thing as a song.

Imagine a world without music.

I bet it is unimaginable. I guess it is lifeless. Yes, a world without music is lifeless.

Music makes everything around us so calm and soothing. We often rely on music to lift our mood when a day becomes difficult to handle. We play a good song to celebrate our victories. We depend on music to express our sadness or loss. We make use of music to tell someone how much we love him or her. Music is a way to almost everything.

Music helps a lot in expressing our thoughts. This is something that everyone shares. Even those who do not have the gift to sing or play a musical instrument have the ability to connect with good music.

Music also reminds us of many things. A simple tune might be a reminder of the cradlesong your mom once sang to you. A song may remind you of your very first heartbreak. Music may also be a simple wakeup call that you are gifted with a lot of musical talent.

Appreciation is also one of the key factors on why music has become an important part of every person’s life. We always tend to attach ourselves to music especially if it serves as a reminder of a certain event or memory.