If there is one common factor that can move people emotionally, both the old and the young, healthy or the sick, in love or without, it is music. Small wonder then that Shakespeare in his play The Merchant of Venice wrote “the man who hath no music in him is a murderer”. When this is the case, the focus naturally shifts to the source of all music, the musical instruments the history of which goes back to the ancient ages when they were used to signal special events too. A trumpet heralded the advent of a new event or a dignitary while drums heralded the success of a hunt or specific rituals. Over time musical instruments have evolved into the modern form that we see today.

It is a very diverse topic and extremely broad and wide in range. Consider the types of musical instruments in your country and you will surely find a clutch of them Ditto in other countries of the world. This is one aspect that we at blog site www.rockzuk.com have set out to do- bring to our interested readers details of types of various musical instruments in vogue around the world.

We understand that this is not an easy task. Every nation and different sections of people especially in remote tribal areas have their own special musical instruments that are not so well known in today’s society. Neither are they used in concerts and musical events so common today. Compiling all these in blogs requires a high degree of professional awareness on the subject. Hence to make our blog site more meaningful and interesting, we invite write-ups and contributions from not only connoisseurs of music per se but all those with an in-depth of musical instruments too. It will make a huge positive impact on the credibility and authenticity of our site.

Do write in with informative blogs on the subject. We will inform through email when these are published on our site.